tbilisi triennial


We are very proud to be invited to take part in the 2nd TBILISI TRIENNIAL
S.O.S – Self-Organized Systems

OPENING: October 01, 07:00 p.m. @ CCA-TBILISI
International exhibition of contemporary art

The 2nd Tbilisi Triennial, which will run under the name S.O.S –Self-Organized Systems – will take place in Tbilisi from 1st- 30th October 2015.

Self-organized systems often result from processes of transformative, seemingly chaotic environments,which are shifting from the pole of subordination of hierarchical structures towards new forms of  knowledge production, self-initiative, and self-referentiality. Georgia, currently being in the continuous process of seeking new forms of identity and communication within a former highly restrictive environment, is a paragon of an ideal starting position for the emergence of self-reliable, independent structures.
These resulting structures can be defined as so-called autopoietic systems, which indicate their ability to maintain and reproduce themselves with neither a need to rely on outside influences, nor to be steered by external power structures. Similar to the term poetry, which is one widespread instrument of expression and rendition of a country’s collective memory – and therefore closely associated with nostalgia –  the term Autopoiesis is etymologically attributed to the same stem: poiesis (greek- to create). It holds the potential to explore the circularity, interaction, binarities and complexities of the ever-evolving surroundings with a new form of (visual) poetry.
In this context, the CCA – Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi can be considered one distinct example of a self-organized institution In Georgia. By combining exhibition space with an informal education system, the Center has accumulated a broad experience of community-based, non-hierarchical project work in the arts as well as in various other fields. The 1st Tbilisi Triennial organized by the CCA covered the topic of alternative approaches towards education, whereas the 2nd edition intends to give independent platforms, collectives, and venues from around the globe a concrete forum by inviting them to represent those exact community-based approaches. Furthermore, each and every project will be fully autonomous and responsible for their art production and curation according to their vision.

List of Venues and participants: http://bit.ly/1O72Vl4

Project is supported by Ministry of Culture & Monument Protection of Georgia, Cultural Events Center of Tbilisi City Hall Swiss Cooperation Offcie in South Caucasus (SCO)


0995 577 46 84 46 / 0995 558 900 400 / 0995 555 38 32 16

Address: 51 D. Uznadze str.
0102 Tbilisi, GE

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