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Kitchen Dialogues » News http://kitchendialogues.com by Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar De Carmen Wed, 18 May 2016 20:05:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.22 Bookings / lunch menu @ cafe Berlinka http://kitchendialogues.com/2016/05/12/bookings-lunch-menu-cafe-berlinka/ http://kitchendialogues.com/2016/05/12/bookings-lunch-menu-cafe-berlinka/#comments Thu, 12 May 2016 19:53:40 +0000 http://kitchendialogues.com/?p=757 IMG_4985

Booking of the food vouchers
Where: Slovak National Gallery, Dom umenia/Kunsthalle Bratislava and Satelit Gallery at the Slovak Design Centre, and from May 27 at tranzit/sk
When: from 10th of May to 2nd of June

Kitchen dialogues – event
Where : Berlinka, Námestie Ľudovíta Štúra 33/4
When: from 30th of May to 3rd of June

Kitchen Dialogues has prepared a new chapter of a eponymous longterm project, which focuses on creating community / bringing people together through food and cooking. The aim of the intervention prepared especially for SBW project is to explore the possibility of a new social ecosystem. Through this action, the authors Martinka Bobriková & Oscar de Carmen, will map the Bratislava Art scene. During five days, from May 30 to June 3, the artists will be giving free lunch menu for anyone showing up with a special food voucher from 11:30 to 13:30 in the café Berlinka.
Registration for receiving meal tickets will be possible form May 10th at the reception desk of the  SNG – Slovak National GalleryDomu umenia/Kunsthalle Bratislava and Galéria Satelit/ Slovak Design Centre, and from May 27 at tranzit.sk free of charge.
ATTENTION! The food vouchers will be distributed on a “first-come, first-served” basis!!!
Please, read carefully the terms and conditions of the project: http://kitchendialogues.com/terms-and-conditions/

The Small/Big World project aims to offer the Bratislava art scene a communication and collaboration platform where people can creatively use the benefits of friendship, sharing, making new bonds and opening up towards new horizons. It also aims to connect the art field to the inhabitants of Bratislava, offering them the possibility of exchanging ideas on topics of common interest. There will be a central exhibition and events in tranzitsk, other projects being presented in further non-profit and public spaces in the city.
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Kitchen Dialogues @Winter Solstice 2015 http://kitchendialogues.com/2015/12/17/kitchen-dialogues-winter-solstice-2015/ http://kitchendialogues.com/2015/12/17/kitchen-dialogues-winter-solstice-2015/#comments Thu, 17 Dec 2015 13:10:41 +0000 http://kitchendialogues.com/?p=735 12376450_930061683751195_3238451284735812009_n


we are back in oslo and preparing a great menu for saturday that will served trough the night…
where? at the best event of the year!
get ready for Kitchen Dialogues!

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Morning Glory / documentation http://kitchendialogues.com/2015/11/20/morning-glory-documentation/ http://kitchendialogues.com/2015/11/20/morning-glory-documentation/#comments Fri, 20 Nov 2015 12:12:41 +0000 http://kitchendialogues.com/?p=715 #1 event_5october_2 #1 event_5october #2 event_7october_2 #2 event_7october_3 #2 event_7october #3 event_14october #7 event_28october_2 #7 event_28october _DSC9528 _DSC9576 _DSC9683 _DSC9697





















“More than supra/ a draft prepared for failure” or more popularly called “Morning Glory” is community related project that took form through a series of morning activities where we invited the audience to dance and have breakfast before starting the working day. Following the idea of creating a social space outside of consumption, where people could meet, experience, undertake an activity without need of money, we re-appropriate our self of a popular phenomenon of the breakfast club/ morning glory. These early morning events took place during the whole duration of the Triennial (twice a week/ 7 events). Free-form dance exercise, through listening to electronic music stimulated by local DJ curated by @Dot followed by breakfast.

S.O.S. Self Organized Systems, 2nd Tbilisi Triennial, October 2015

photo: Sopo Miminoshvili, Martinka Bobrikova

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morning glory @Tbilisi Triennial http://kitchendialogues.com/2015/10/05/morning-glory-tbilisi-triennial/ http://kitchendialogues.com/2015/10/05/morning-glory-tbilisi-triennial/#comments Mon, 05 Oct 2015 11:10:45 +0000 http://kitchendialogues.com/?p=710 Kitchen Dialogues presents “More than supra/ a draft prepared for failure”,  community related project that will take form through a series of morning activities where we invite the audience to dance and have breakfast before starting the working day. Following the idea of creating a social space outside of consumption, where people could meet, experience, undertake an activity without need of money we re-appropriate our self of a popular phenomenon of the breakfast club/ morning glory. These early morning events will take place during the whole duration of the Triennial. We are going to make free-form dance exercise, through listening to electronic music stimulated by local DJs curated by @Dot followed by breakfast.


every mon&wed 10am-12pm

5th October
7th October
14th October
19th October
21st October
26th October
28th October


Address: 51 D. Uznadze str.
0102 Tbilisi, GE

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Do It YourSelf / documentation http://kitchendialogues.com/2015/03/25/do-it-yourself-documentation/ http://kitchendialogues.com/2015/03/25/do-it-yourself-documentation/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 13:44:53 +0000 http://kitchendialogues.com/?p=583 Being invited by the Trailer Gallery to show the project, we were challenged with the question of how to show it in a gallery space. For the occasion we have set the space to be used as a self-service restaurant for which we have prepared 70 works (vacuum packed goulash soup) to be unpacked, warmed up and consumed by the visitors/ customers. Each visitor/ customer, in exchange, had to take a picture of him self with a Polaroid and hang it randomly on one of the walls of the inner space of the gallery, creating in this way a visual memory of the project and “its” visitors over the 4 days its existence.

IMG_1907 IMG_1848 IMG_1839 IMG_1836 doityourself_3 doityourself_2 doityourself_1 ]]>
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Do It Yourself http://kitchendialogues.com/2015/03/06/do-it-yourself/ http://kitchendialogues.com/2015/03/06/do-it-yourself/#comments Fri, 06 Mar 2015 21:30:55 +0000 http://kitchendialogues.com/?p=448 goulas ina trailer

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KD_nomad_Oslo http://kitchendialogues.com/2014/09/25/kd_nomad_oslo/ http://kitchendialogues.com/2014/09/25/kd_nomad_oslo/#comments Thu, 25 Sep 2014 13:48:52 +0000 http://kitchendialogues.com/?p=595 Moving on with the project our main goal became to test the possibility of developing a mobile kiosk with the idea of moving it within the city of Oslo. The structure includes the refrigerator, sink, electric stoves, as well as table for the preparation of food to be given to customers. The project was raised for an occasional event where we served hot dogs.

IMG_0535 IMG_0532 IMG_0527 IMG_0524 IMG_0519 IMG_0514 IMG_0512 IMG_0510 IMG_0508 IMG_0498 IMG_0606 IMG_0602 IMG_0599 IMG_0585 copy IMG_0568 (1) IMG_0542 (1) IMG_0528 (1)


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More than [show] business: Post-PopUp at CCA http://kitchendialogues.com/2014/08/15/more-than-show-business-post-popup-at-cca/ http://kitchendialogues.com/2014/08/15/more-than-show-business-post-popup-at-cca/#comments Fri, 15 Aug 2014 14:03:51 +0000 http://kitchendialogues.com/?p=615 What we aimed to develop in Singapore was “Kitchen dialogues” on the pretext of developing a research in elaborating of certain dishes on which it could be observed the process of crafting Singaporean identity and culture. We find interesting to see how former Prime Ministers of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong, have stated that Singapore does not fit the traditional description of a nation, calling it a society-in-transition, pointing out the fact that Singaporeans do not all speak the same language, share the same religion, nor have the same customs.

Unlike in many other countries, among Singaporeans, the languages, religions and cultures are not delineated according to skin colour or ancestry. Each Singaporean’s behaviours and attitudes would therefore be influenced by, among many other things, his or her home language and his religion. Racial and religious harmony is regarded by the government as a crucial part of Singapore’s success, and played a part in building a Singaporean identity. The variety of food representing different ethnicities is seen by the government as a symbol of its multiculturalism. In popular culture, food items belong to a particular ethnicity, with Chinese, Malay, and Indian food clearly defined. However, the diversity of cuisine has been increased further by the “hybridisation” of different styles (e.g., the Peranakan style, a mix of Chinese and Malay cuisine).

Base on this we have created a temporary food lab at Latent Space @ Har par villa with help of Benjamin Ho, where have conduct a research to create new national dishes tackling hybridizations in the kitchen based on reflection on the above mentioned. As outcome of the research lab to taste the final products we have created 2 events. In the first one on 24th of july we have visited Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre to bring back the donated food in form of new experimental dish and we had great interaction with the local community. In the second one we have been invited to present the project as part of Post-PopUp, events at Center for conetemporary art in Singapore on 26th July.

image credits: Koh Nguang How & Benjamin Ho

DSC03026,-1080 DSC03251, 1080 DSC03254, 1080 DSC03289, 1080 DSC03331, 1080 DSC03370, 1080 DSC03376, 1080 ]]>
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KD_nomad_Singapore http://kitchendialogues.com/2014/07/24/singapore-1/ http://kitchendialogues.com/2014/07/24/singapore-1/#comments Thu, 24 Jul 2014 06:50:42 +0000 http://kitchendialogues.com/?p=427 Today, LATENT SPACES and the artists-in-residence Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen were at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre to present Kitchen Dialogues. The event drew curious onlookers and we had great interaction with the local community.

photo credits: Chun Kai Qun

Chun Kai Qun_15 Chun Kai Qun_14 Chun Kai Qun_13 Chun Kai Qun_12 Chun Kai Qun_11 Chun Kai Qun_10 Chun Kai Qun_9 Chun Kai Qun_8 Chun Kai Qun_7 Chun Kai Qun_6 Chun Kai Qun_5 Chun Kai Qun_4 Chun Kai Qun_3 Chun Kai Qun_2 Chun Kai Qun_1


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TEMPORARY FOOD LAB @ HAW PAR VILLA http://kitchendialogues.com/2014/07/23/temporary-food-lab/ http://kitchendialogues.com/2014/07/23/temporary-food-lab/#comments Wed, 23 Jul 2014 16:43:52 +0000 http://kitchendialogues.com/?p=397 This week we have set up a temporary food/research lab at one of the premisses of Latent Spaces.

A new  member  of the crew, Benjamin Ho, is helping us to get ready for the upcoming 3 events of Kitchen Dialogues in Singapore.

here some pictures from the work in progress!

photo credist: Benjamin Ho & Kitchen Dialogues

IMG_1733 IMG_1740 IMG_1743 IMG_1746 Benjamin Ho_8 Benjamin Ho_7 benjamin Ho_6 Benjamin Ho_5 Benjamin Ho_4 Benjamin Ho_3 Benjamin Ho_2 Benjamin Ho_1 photo 2 photo 1





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