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About | Kitchen Dialogues



We are an artist duo, Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen, which artistic practices are somewhere in between art and social activism with special focus on environmental question.

This project aims to change consumer sensory intellectual concept of overproduction of food from supermarkets. In this occasion we will present food series of environmental actions in the kitchen around the theme of food surplus.
We are interested in investigating the social changes among the common home environment meeting place called domestic kitchen and the meeting around the industrial kitchen in relation to the consumption of food surplus.

This private kitchen is a hybrid between being a guest in a dinner party and a restaurant. The shared experience of a set menu gives people common ground, and naturally the novelty factor is a conversation starter – it struck me as a comfortable cross between site specific theatre where you are not exactly sure what is going to happen, and a nice home party.

The private restaurant was in first place located in Trondheim as a part of the exhibition CONSTANT. DEACY. organized by Rake visningrom. Private restaurant/ home setting was build by Heim og Land arkitekter and took place in Elgesetergate 30b between 5th October and 31th October 2013. Elgesetergate 30b is an old abandoned apartment building, which is now going to be demolished.

Kitchen Dialogues was presented at Open forum at Kunstnernes Hus in October 2013.

The second phase has happened in Nida (Lithuania) during the Techno-ecology residency at Nida Art Colony april-may 2014,  in form of mobile kitchen, which toured around the village.

Following the nomad life during summer 2014, Kitchen Dialogues was relocated to Singapore and has done few events in collaboration with LATENT SPACES  and Center for Contemporary Art. During the time in Singapore we have focused on the research of creating a new national dish tackling hybridizations in the kitchen based on reflection of the variety of food representing different ethnicities is seen as a symbol of its multiculturalism.

I autumn we have build the first prototype of mobile kiosk that has been performed at the event Hva gjør vi i her? At Grorud T-banestasjon outside Oslo.

In march 2015 we have been invited to open the premises of Trailer Gallery in Umeå, in form of temporary food kiosk.

Entering into the next level, we have opened a B&B (bed & breakfast) in Meetfactory contemporary art center for the duration of 10 days in June 2015 during the Prague Quadrennial of Scenography. The project has moved into an art studio, which was refurbished in the way to host up to 12 guests per night. The stay was free of charge and the quest free of spending their time the way they wanted with one commitment to attend the morning brunch with the other quests.

The objective was that each participant could live inside this social ecosystem we have created outside the consumption world, offering him or her all the services for free

Following the idea of creating a social space outside of consumption, where people could meet, experience, undertake an activity without need of money, we re-appropriate our self of a popular phenomenon of the breakfast club/ morning glory under which happened under the 2nd Tbilisi Triennial  1-30 october 2015 @ CCA-Tbilisi, Georgia. “More than supra/ a draft prepared for failure” or more popularly called “Morning Glory” is community related project that took form through a series of morning activities where we invited the audience to dance and have breakfast before starting the working day. These early morning events took place during the whole duration of the Triennial (twice a week/ 7 events). Free-form dance exercise, through listening to electronic music stimulated by local DJ curated by @Dot followed by breakfast.

The project was  supported by MeetFactory, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Instituto Cervantes and OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway.